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What You Should Know About Defendry

Defendry is on a mission to help save lives from the current active shooter epidemic by providing powerful and affordable active shooter defense products. Defendry integrates with existing surveillance cameras to automatically detect visible threats 24/7 including guns, masks, and intruders using proprietary AI software. If a gun is detected, access-controlled doors are locked automatically to prevent further entry by the culprit. A human immediately reviews detected threats, and verified alerts are immediately passed along to law enforcement, on-site security teams, and anyone else who needs to know.
Pat Sullivan, Defendry’s CEO, is widely known as the co-creator of ACT!, founder of SalesLogix, and two-time winner of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Dr. Sean Huver, Defendry’s Chief Science Officer, is a former Bell Labs research scientist and veteran of numerous United States Department of Defense DARPA projects. Skyler Stewart, Defendry’s SVP of Sales, is a well-respected veteran of global channel partner sales who has launched multiple companies in the Cloud Communications space.
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