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Telarus University FAQ

Do you have a different question about Telarus University or technical questions? Feel free to reach out so we can assist you. 

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What is a LMS?

A Learning Management System, or LMS, is an online tool or learning solution used to manage training, development, and engagement. This is where Telarus University is born.   

What are the benefits of LMS?

The LMS allows us to organize our educational content in one location. We can track learner progress and performance, all while giving you access to our learning materials.

How do you sign up for Telarus University?

The sign-up process is simple!  But first, you need to make sure you’re a partner. If you’re not already, you can do so over here.

Will more content get released?

Yes! We are continuously creating new lessons and resources for our users. Not only do we have an array of categories, but we also have different levels in each to challenge your knowledge and help you learn along the way

Are we tested in Telarus University?

Just like any University education, yes, you are tested. Each lesson has a quiz at the end to make sure that you are fully grasping the critical concepts. We want our users to enjoy the learning process and retain important information. 

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